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                    Request a Free Travel Guide

                    Make your Nebraska trip an unforgettable experience.??

                    Discover all there is to see and do throughout the state.

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                    VISIT NEBRASKA.
                    HONESTLY, IT’S NOT FOR EVERYONE

                    No one ever said we were trying to appeal to everyone. Just to certain independent-thinking someones who dare to be different. Someone like you.

                    We get it. Some people will write Nebraska off and never give it another thought. Or another chance. But we also know that there are enlightened truth-seekers out there willing to take the time to find out what makes our beautiful state so appealing, charming and disarming. Wele enlightened truth-seekers!

                    Things To Do
                    Nothing to See or Do Here. Except for All of These Things.

                    Round up some friends, stock a cooler and climb into a livestock watering tank: you're going tanking on one of our scenic, gentle rivers.

                    FIND YOUR WEIRD IN NEBRASKA

                    Start planning your vacation in Nebraska today

                    SIGN-UP FOR OUR ENEWSLETTER

                    For a place where “nothing ever happens,” there’s sure a lot going on in Nebraska. Click for the latest news on the latest goings-on.

                    GET YOUR FREE TRAVEL GUIDE

                    What should we do? Where should we go? What should we see? ?Find the answers to these eternal questions in our free travel guide.?


                    In spring, 600,000 sandhill cranes stop in Nebraska along their migratory path. View nature’s spectacle up close on a sanctuary or tour.

                    MORE NEBRASKA EVENTS

                    Mark your calendar. Or if you’re living in the 21st Century, click on the button below.

                    The Most Fun You Can Have In These Parts

                    From hustle and bustle to thistles and bird whistles, every one of the state’s unique regions offers amazing experiences.

                    Nebraska Regions

                    There are seven distinct regions in Nebraska and seven days in a week. Coincidence? Probably. But you’ll find plenty to do, and lots of ways to fill your time.


                    Home to nightlife, the fast lane, the In Crowd and more active culture than a barrel of yogurt.

                    Explore?thIs Region


                    Quaint, beautiful, and oh, so historic. Favored by explorers since Lewis & Clark got things started.

                    Explore this Region?


                    Caves, history, government, Huskers football, and a gigantic porch swing—what more could you want?

                    Explore this Region


                    Gently flowing rivers, world-class golf, a town full of plywood people, and sandhills. (Duh.)

                    Explore this Region

                    South Central

                    A crane migration and tons of trails make this the home of wandering. If wandering ever stayed home.?

                    Explore this Region


                    Totally amazing, from bluffs to buffaloes to the fact that the Oregon Trail is somehow in Nebraska.?

                    Explore this Region


                    From cowboy hats to Boot Hill, the Wild West is very much alive. Except for the Boot Hill thing.

                    Explore this Region

                    Party like it’s 1887.

                    Live like a 19th-century pioneer (minus the hardships) by staying and pitching in, if it suits you, on a traditional Nebraska homestead.

                    Trip Ideas
                    Plunge into the Planning Process

                    A great trip starts with a great plan, so our sage advice is to make a great plan. The process begins when you click the button below.

                    We'd Never Tell You What to Do, Yet Here We Are.

                    We’re just trying to help, so please take these items in the helpful spirit in which they are intended.

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